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Readers with Kindles can now download “Throw Away Kitten” from Amazon.



Happy Reading, and have a great weekend.

Throw Away Kitten


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Exciting News

It’s almost here. The day “Throw Away Kitten” will be published. The official publication day is October 3rd. I can’t wait. As soon as links are available, I’ll post them here.

In the meantime, here’s the official cover. A big thank you to Sam Smith who provided the beautiful pastel drawing of the kitten. I love those big green eyes.

McMudd_Candy_Throw_Away_Kitten Official Cover JPEG

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Throw Away Kitten

Kittens are great fun. They love to play, chasing string, plastic mice and whatever else you drag behind you. They love to cuddle and curl into your side when they’re tired. Kittens also have adorable faces with big eyes that make me giggle.

Everyone loves kittens.

Sometimes however, kittens are unwanted, and the person owning them can’t give them away or they don’t even try to find homes for them. Unfortunately they leave them on the side of the road or in the woods, surely hoping they’ll survive on their own.

The sad truth is kittens can’t survive on their own. Many die from exposure or injuries from larger animals.

My upcoming novel Throw Away Kitten is about a litter of kittens that is left at the end of a driveway with the hope the farmer who lives there will take them in. Charlie and Mya discover the kittens and accept the challenge of finding new homes for them.

Kitten 2011

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Hello world!

I’m Candy McMudd. I write stories for children of all ages. Sometimes my books are great for beginner readers, others are better for readers who have been reading for a few years. Psss, and sometimes, big kids read my little kid books just because they love a great story.

Stick around. I’m just starting this website, and I plan to do a lot of fun, crazy things here.

Thanks for visiting.

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